Lion Construction and Roofing: Katy's Premier Construction Company

Setting the Standard for Excellence

Lion Construction and Roofing stands tall as Katy’s premier construction company, exemplifying a commitment to excellence in every project. With a reputation built on quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, we elevate the standards of construction services in Katy and beyond. 

Specializing in roofing solutions, our seasoned professionals bring expertise and precision to every job, ensuring unparalleled results. Trust Lion Construction and Roofing for a superior construction experience that transforms visions into reality.

Our Approach

At Lion Construction and Roofing, our dedication to excellence is woven into the fabric of our services, setting us apart as Katy’s foremost construction company. Focused on elevating construction standards, we specialize in roofing solutions with a seasoned professional team bringing expertise and precision to every project. 

Renowned for our commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, Lion Construction and Roofing is a trusted partner in turning visions into reality. Explore the pinnacle of construction services with us, where every project is a testament to our unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Our Services

Our experienced construction contractors bring expertise to every project, ensuring precision and quality. From residential to commercial projects, we handle it all, focusing on excellence.

As your general contractor, we manage all aspects of your construction project. From planning and coordination to execution, we ensure your project is completed on time and within budget.

Protect your home or business with our professional roofing services. Our skilled roofing contractors specialize in roof repairs, installations, and replacements, using high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

Are you dreaming of a custom-built home? Our home builders work closely with you to bring your vision to life. We prioritize quality craftsmanship and attention to detail to create homes that exceed expectations.

Embrace sustainable living with our solar installation services. Our experts design and install solar energy systems tailored to your property, helping you save on energy costs while reducing environmental impact.

What Set Us Apart?

Unrivaled Expertise

Draw on our team's wealth of experience spanning decades. Our skilled professionals bring unparalleled expertise to every construction and roofing project, ensuring your vision is guided by seasoned hands, delivering results steeped in industry knowledge and craftsmanship.

Commitment to Quality

Our unwavering commitment to quality sets us apart. Meticulous attention to detail defines every phase of your project, from initial planning to final execution. Our reputation for excellence is evident in the superior results we consistently deliver, exceeding industry standards and expectations.

Innovative Solutions

Lion Construction and Roofing leads the way in embracing the latest technologies and construction methods. Stay ahead with innovative solutions that enhance your property's longevity and functionality. Our commitment to cutting-edge practices ensures your project benefits from the forefront of industry advancements.

Customer-Centric Approach

Your satisfaction is paramount. We cultivate transparent, trusting relationships, prioritizing your needs from the initial consultation through project completion. Our customer-centric approach ensures a seamless process, aligning our expertise with your expectations for a gratifying experience and exceptional results.

Tailored Services

Recognizing the uniqueness of each project, we go beyond the ordinary. Whether crafting a custom-designed home, executing a commercial renovation reflecting your brand identity, or delivering a roofing replacement blending aesthetics and durability, our adaptive expertise ensures tailored solutions that bring your specific vision to life.


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